You can book your SafePass training courses online on the Key Safety website. For a full list of all the safety courses available please see here

 Due to the limited number of spaces available, once you have booked your course the payment is non-refundable.

Click “Contact Us” and fill in the details of your enquiry and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can call us on 098 42666.

All Key Safety health & safety courses are delivered on-site and require you to attend in person.

Key Safety is a Health and Safety consulting and training company that offers Health and Safety awareness courses for construction workers throughout Ireland. For more information on our safety course and constituency services please see our “About Us” page.

Yes, on the day of your training you will need your PPS number. If you do not have an Irish PPS number it is important that you contact us before booking a place.

Yes, for more information on our consultation services please see our safety statement risk assessments page.

 All construction workers are required to complete a Safe Pass course and possess a training verification certificate before entering the construction site, including apprentices, trainees and on-site security workers. For more information on this course please read our detailed blog post.

Safe Pass training is a one-day health and safety training programme aimed at construction workers. This programme aids to raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry.

At the end of the course, inform your trainer that you request a comfort letter confirming completion of the Safe Pass training course.

The Safety, Health & Welfare (Construction) Regulations 2013 require all construction workers in Ireland to have a SOLAS Safe Pass card.

Your SOLAS safe pass certification is valid for 4 years, after this you are required to attend re-training. Do you need to retake the course? Book your training with Key Safety today.

Yes, once you have completed the training your tutor will provide you with a multiple choice assessment to fill in. Once you pass this assessment you will be awarded your safety training card.

Your SOLAS Card will be issued within 7 to 10 days after completion of the course. This card is valid for 4 years.

Yes, after 4 years legislation requires you to complete the training course again. Key Safety provides Health & Safety training in Mayo and throughout the West of Ireland, book your training course with us today.

If you lose your card please contact Key Safety or apply for a replacement by filling out an online Replacement Application

 No, the original card must stay with the individual who attended the training in order for it to be presented to a HSA inspector at any time. However, you can give your employer a copy of your card.

On the day of your training, you will need a photographic ID, one passport photo and an Irish PPS number. If you do not have an Irish PPS number please contact Key Safety before your training date.

You must be at least 16 years of age to complete this course.

This health and safety training course has 5 key aims. 

  • Site Safety and the Construction Worker

This includes an introduction to site safety, welfare at work construction legislation and site accident reporting. 

  • Introduction to Risk Assessment

Including how to identify hazards in the workplace, assess the risk they present and the control measures that will reduce these risks.

  • Implementing Risk Assessment

Detailing risk assessments for heights, excavations and electricity. 

  • General Site Safety

Including site safety with construction equipment and construction vehicles. 

  • Personal Safety

Detailing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), noise and vibration risks, manual handling training and personal health and welfare.


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